Making Child Online Safety a Reality

The Child Online Safety Toolkit helps policymakers to design an age-appropriate digital world that every child can access creatively, knowledgeably, and fearlessly.

What is the Child Safety Online Toolkit?

This comprehensive document provides functional guidance so policymakers can enshrine child online safety into law and practice.

It brings together important international guidelines and agreements into a singular, consolidated, practical toolkit.

This toolkit has been developed in consultation with international experts from a range of backgrounds. It takes account of insights from every continent, from small-island developing states to large industrial nations, to ensure that the contents can be applied universally.

Young people have been integral to creating this document. Their voices are reflected throughout.

Foundational Documents

How to use it

The Child Online Safety Toolkit is designed to be universally applicable in any context. This resource offers international best practices that can be adapted to any nation and at any level of political jurisdiction.

The toolkit starts with 5 things every policymaker should know. These are the overarching considerations of child online safety. From there you will find 10 Policy Action Areas, each one is outlined with useful tools and resources. You can also download a model online safety policy.

The toolkit is best read from front to back, but can be used as a resource for particular policy areas.

The toolkit is available in 8 languages, can be downloaded or viewed online.

View or download the complete Child Online Safety Toolkit and supporting materials here.